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Newport Bridge

Yaquina Bay

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse

It's Raining

Hatfield Marine Science Center

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Japanese Tsunami Barge

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Common Murres

More Common Murres

Does Everyone Have A Reservation?

Make Room For One More!

Harbor Seals

Cute Face

Mom and Pup

Rocks at Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Rocks at Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Walk to Seal Rock Beach

Seal Rock Beach

Seal Rock








White-Crowned Sparrow

Squirrel With Desert

Weather: It rained all night. It rains off and on most of the day. The on part is usually when I am taking pictures!

We travel north to Newport for breakfast. We cross their bridge that looks the same as the Waldport bridge. They were definitely designed by the same person.

We turn onto the Bay Boulevard. It is still off-season but we find an open restaurant. We are the only customers so the owner/waiter/cook is happy to talk with us. The food is wonderful!

We drive to the Yaquina Bay State Park. Many of the Oregon State Parks are what we would call waysides. I get pictures of the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse but it starts to rain. Tours of the lighthouse are not until later in the day.

Since it is raining, we visit the Hatfield Marine Science Center. Designed for kids, we look around but do not stay long. There is an interesting map showing the debris field from the Japanese Tsunami. We heard that a barge from Japan has washed up on the beach here in Newport.

We head to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse. We took a picture of this lighthouse from Route 101 yesterday. The interpretive center has two movies and I get a stamp.

We drive toward the lighthouse. We see the Japanese barge on the beach below us. There are many people on the beach. It will be interesting to watch how much more debris from the Japanese Tsunami will reach the US.

We continue to the lighthouse. It is much better up close than from Route 101! I take pictures of the murres on the rocks. By the time I get back to the lighthouse, there is a line waiting to climb to the top. A bus has arrived. It is a good reason to skip the climb.

I am back taking pictures of rocks and birds when I notice harbor seals below me. I take more pictures but it starts to rain again.

Heading back toward Waldport we stop at a carver’s shop. He creates chainsaw carvings. He and John chat.

We stop at Seal Rock. This is probably the best beach so far for taking pictures of waves breaking over the rocks. The tide is coming in and the surf is rough. If it did not start to rain hard, I could have stayed here for hours!

We head back to camp. Even with the rain, it has been a good day.

Campground: Newport/Waldport KOA

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