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Lincoln City Site

Picking Up My Float

Well Done

Don't Drop It

Rocky Bridge Creek (Old 101)

Cape Foulweather

Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast

Devil's Punch Bowl

Low Tide


Yaquina Head Lighthouse




Harbor Seals

Harbor Seals

Harbor Seal

Mom and Pup

Unhappy Peregrine Falcon

Great Shot, John

And Another!

Weather Report: It rains all night and then clears. The afternoon is sunny and beautiful.

Our first stop today is Lincoln City where I pick up my glass float. I meet the owner. Creating a float was a great experience!

It is a travel day. We head south. We pass Gleneden Beach, Boiler Bay and Depoe Bay. South of Depoe Bay we are in new territory.

I watch for the Otter Creek Loop. The sign says, “RVs not recommended”. We decide when this applies to us. This is not one of those times.

The road is one-way for a while. It is the “Old 101”. We have no problems and find Cape Foulweather. It has stopped raining and the views are worth the ride!

We continue on to the Devil’s Punch Bowl. We walk a path at the top of a cliff. We keep looking down and asking each other “Is this the punch bowl?” John walks ahead. As I catch up, he is pointing down. Yep, this is it. Unfortunately, it is low tide. We cannot have perfect timing all the time.

As we head back to the RV, we find a winery with free wine tasting. What did I say about our timing?

We reach Newport but do not stop. Our RV Park is fifteen minutes to the south. There is much to do in Newport. However, those things will wait for another day.

We settle into our new site. We are in walking distance of the Alsea Bridge. We walk half way across the bridge to get pictures of the harbor seals. I am sure there will be many more pictures of seals in the next couple of days.

As we are leaving the bridge, a peregrine falcon lands on the railing. As we creep closer, we know it can see us and it is not giving way. It finally takes flight. WOW!

Even though we only travel an hour south today, it takes us all day. We now have an entirely new area to explore!

Campground: Newport/Waldport KOA

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