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Oregon Coast

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Kite Flying Is Popular

Gloves On

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Adding Color



Keep It Turning

Glass Blowing

It Gets Bigger



Put It Away Overnight To Cool

We wake up to sunshine. Hurray! We head to town. We find a market. Strawberries are in season. We find the Jennifer Sears Glass Art Studio. I set up a 3:30 appointment to blow a glass float.

We travel south to Depoe Bay. It has been a long time since I have been warned about rattlesnakes. We are now in a Tsunami Hazard Zone.

The Depoe Bay Whale Center is more of a visitor center. It overlooks the bay. It is the perfect place for visitors to whale watch. Today, no whales have been sighted yet.

We browse in several of the shops. I buy another agate pamphlet. Here we go again.

We have lunch at our restaurant with the wonderful views of the bay. We do not see any whales. The whale watching boats head out of the bay and turn south. On Tuesday, we were very lucky to find our whale in the bay!

We head to Gleneden beach. The store clerk assured us that we would find many agates here. The problem is that I do not know if I am finding agates or rocks. John and I both come back to the RV with a pocket full of rocks.

We arrive back in Lincoln City in time for my appointment. I am a little early and they are running a little late. I have plenty of time to watch. Many of the customers seem to be watching more than making their glass product.

My turn comes. I pick blue and green for my colors. I am very pleased that my assistant allows me to do most of the work. Maybe I follow directions better. Maybe I look like I know what I am doing. Maybe I just get lucky. It is a great experience!

Back at camp, I do the laundry. Tomorrow, we move a little bit south.

Campground: Lincoln City KOA

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