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Max up on the fence watching the bullocks at SHOF

Flying the model royal flying doctor plane

Dylan got roped into participating in one of the grey nomads games


the mechanical mile, ilfracombe

The artesian spa in Ilfracombe, 38 degrees.

Justin from Charleville caravan park told us we'd better come and stay at the Ilfracombe Caravan Park, instead of staying in Longreach 'cos it is the best (I think they're mates) so here we are at Ilfracombe caravan park, this is our third night here. Tonight is State of Origin and they are going off in this park! (I'm in bed writing this journal) It's a small park and all vans are fairly squished in which is not what we are used to but I'm sure will be the way for the next month at least as we work our way up to Cairns. Kath the owner is really funny and friendly and a champion at helping to back the vans in. She walks every van to their site, stands beside the drivers window and gives instructions 'little bit o' left', touch of right' etc until they're in. Easy. This park is famous for it's 'happy hour' which is similar to Charleville Caravan Park. They have a big shed with open fires for cooking camp ovens etc and every night around 5ish all the grey nomads wander down for a drink and a chat and Kath and Jesse tell some jokes. We've arrived right in the middle of their annual 'Olympics' which they hold every year for 10 days, before and after the State of Origin. Most of the park is filled with people who return each year especially for the Olympics. They do different things like tennis out at a homestead, disc bowls, poetry and more and they even give out real medals and everything! You'd never guess that our neighbours are from Rosedale! Small world.

We went out exploring Longreach, not much here, and not much character which was a bit of a let down. Spent over 4 hours at the Stockman's Hall of Fame!! We thought we'd get there first thing 'cos that's the best time of day for Max and Anna would have her morning sleep in the pram while we wander around. Turns out you can look through the museum, watch a movie in the theatre, see an outdoor show AND have lunch in the bar and grill, so that's what we did, very lucky we turned up at 9. We really enjoyed looking at all the old relics but there is LOTS of reading to do and it becomes a bit of information overload. Max just followed along asking Dylan every five seconds 'whats that dad?' and pressing all the buttons to activate the TV screens. The outdoor show is a one-man show with a few dogs, a camel and some bullocks. We enjoyed it. The man tried to put Max up on his horse and take him for a bareback ride but Max didn't want a bar of it and screamed the place down!

Longreach is the home of the Qantas museum and has a 707 and a 747 that you can tour through and walk on the wings. Its quite expensive to do the stockman's hall of fame so we opted not to go through the Qantas museum as well for an extra $145!! Although I'm sure Max would have enjoyed it much more as he was quite excited by simply driving past the 'massive plane, massive plane'. Max has had a great time going up for a swim in the artesian spa everyday. He's getting quite confident in the water and loves blowing bubbles and swimming underwater to dad. Anna enjoyed it too, very relaxed floating happily on her back. Leaving Ilfracombe tomorrow morning and heading east towards the coast. We are around 8hrs from the coast (Rockhampton) so will take a few days to get there. Then its up to Cairns from there. We plan to be in Cairns by July 13th when my mum and dad arrive for a little holiday in the warmer weather!

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