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Not bad at all!

Dylans first damper


A lizard we found just near out caravan

Blackall to Isisford was only a short drive on bitumen. We are finding that a lot of the time the bitumen roads are actually more rough than some of the gravel roads which doesn't make any sense but its true! Poor Max hates driving on the bumpy bitumen roads, he tells Dylan 'stop it daddy' or 'sorry daddy' (wanting Dylan to say sorry). On our travels we came across a fellow caravan enthusiast, driving towards us flashing lights and not moving off to the side so we can both pass. We didn't know what was going on, Dylan flashed him back and a few choice words were being said. We got closer and it turned out he wanted us to stop so he could tell us that he'd just been bogged as there were road works ahead where you had to detour to the side of the bitumen onto a muddy track. Will have to keep that in mind, next time someone flashes at you, maybe they just want you to stop, not start road rage ha ha. We got to the muddy track and other caravan-er was about to try and turn around, not wanting to risk going through. We acted like we'd done it all a hundred times before, told him it'll be no worries and that we'd go first if he wanted to wait and see how we went before turning back and we'd help pull him out if needed. Anyway no drama to report, it was easy and we got through no worries, and so did the people following us.

Arrived here at Isisford to find around 60 other vans camped here along the Barcoo River (free camp). Its a great little spot, walking distance to the shop and pub in town and they provide toilets and hot showers, treated water points and even a dump site! Not bad for nothing. They like you to give the council a donation. We've chatted to a few people who are camped near by and turns out most of the vans here are annual holiday-ers to this area, they usually stay 2-3 months. Quite a few from Victoria. Isisford is yellow belly country so the quest continues for Dylan to hook one, but as with everywhere else we've been they tell us we're a week or two too late! The Barcoo is in flood (and we're camped right beside it!) Overnight water came right up and has blocked one entrance into the camp. There is a large group camped right near us (big set ups, staying for 3 months) and they actually packed up and hitched their vans on as they are becoming quite worried of the river, they say they've never seen it like this. We've checked for flood warnings etc and there aren't any so we're taking the relaxed approach and hanging around.

We pulled out the old camp oven since we didnt have much else to do and decided to master cooking damper. Easily done, so we moved on to flavoured damper (bacon and cheese) and also a homemade pizza all done from scratch and in the camp oven. Our newest favourite hobby, it will be a shame we will soon be heading into caravan parks along the coast where we cant have a fire! I'd love to see if I could do a successful sponge in the camp oven!

The elusive yellow belly still defeats us! No keepers but at least we caught some little ones. Really we were just happy to finally not be catching carp, since we can catch them in our own creek at home! Max enjoyed chatting to two very friendly ducks on the river while we fished.

Have stayed here now for 5 nights and really enjoyed it, its very much its own little community within a community and we can see why people come and spend their winter here. We've met some lovely people who are all happy to give us their traveling advice and experiences and we've even become the talk of the town! We went up to the local pub for tea (our 3rd time having take away this trip) and one of the winter locals tell us he'd heard there were some young kids camped down on the river lol, just shows how little they see younger people out traveling with a young family.

Off to Ilfracombe tomorrow morning and to explore the Longreach area, then towards Rockhampton and the coast. Hot weather has arrived. I've had my pearly white legs out in shorts twice!!

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