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Bahia de Los Angeles, our base for the summer

His and her fly swatters .... bee control!

We made the 20 mile journey from Bahia Las Animas to Bahia de Los Angeles on Tuesday, July 12 due to the rumored arrival of the weekly produce truck. This is a fairly remote fishing/tourist town and gets a produce delivery once per week. We have heard that if you want good produce, you need to go the day of the produce truck or the next or everything good will be gone! Since this will be our produce source through late September or so, we need to get the routine down!

We motor sailed to BLA (as it is usually referred to) and anchored in front of the town, where three other boats anxiously awaited the produce truck. We spoke with some of the other boats, and they reported that the truck was scheduled to arrive at 3:00 (we arrived around 1:30). So, we had some reading time in the shade of the cockpit.

We went to town around 4, but alas the truck would not be unloaded until the next day. So, we walked around the town to see what else was there for the rest of the afternoon.

On Wednesday, we went to the store other cruisers recommended as their favorite, and it seemed to have a pretty good selection. One important purchase there, besides produce for two weeks, were his and her fly swatters! We had destroyed ours in our last anchorage, and we think if we both can attack the bees at the same time we can improve our bee control technique, and we won't fight over the one as we used to on occasion.

Yes, these are some of the exciting details of the cruising life ....

We enjoyed a nice dinner at Guillermo's, the place we land our dinghy, as an early celebration of Cathie's 40th birthday since we will be away from town on the actual day.

We plan to come back to BLA every two weeks for the produce run and water (and other supplies as needed), and we will update our web site and check e-mail then. In between we will be exploring the anchorages and islands in this area.

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