Rose & Michael's Southwest Trek 2012 travel blog

This trip journal is starting before the actual trip.

I arrived home yesterday to find a tag on the windshield saying that someone had complained about the RV parked in front of my house and that I had 72 hours to move it. It must be moved at least 1000' or 2/10 mile. No problem actually, because it will be moved on Thursday but Sheesh! Nosy neighbor lady, pretending to be friendly last weekend, "Oooh is this your rig? Can I see inside? Its lovely. You must be so excited. When is your next trip?" Grrr.

I went to the Public Safety Building, on Michael's advice, and talked with the officer who issued the citation. He was so nice and friendly and explained the "no parking longer than 3 days rule". So now, if it is longer than 3 days between trips (duh!) I just have to drive around the block every 3 days, or when I get a notice on the windshield, or when I notice a chalk mark on the tire :-) I wanted to park it in front of nosy neighbor's house but a wiser head (Michael's) prevailed.

Tomorrow, Moon Dance will move to Michael's house for final loading,installation of a board behind dinette seat to make it more comfortable, (I hope) new mattress cover, and (I hope again) maybe Michael can diagnose and fix the intermittent electrical problem. If the electrical is still wonky, we'll just use the aux. battery along with shore power and should be fine.

The actual trip should start around 10 am on Friday. :-)

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