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Van Duzer Forest Corridor

Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum

Entrance to Aviation



Control Room


The Titan


Picture Taking 101

Looking Up

Module Rescue

Moon Landing

Vietnam Era

I Hover the Helicopter

John Concentrates


Spruce Goose

The Nose

One of Eight



Great Museum

Right Wing

Trying To See Everything

From Up High

More Planes Outside

We Leave a Great Muesum!

Lincoln City Forecast: Partly Cloudy, Chance of rain late afternoon. We travel inland today. A short distance from the park we turn east onto Route 18. It is raining.

The rain stops as we climb. We enter the Van Duzer Forest Corridor. We cross the 720-foot summit.

As we leave the forest corridor, we enter the Willamette Valley. Vineyards and orchards surround us. It is beautiful country. I cannot imagine how the pioneers felt upon arrival. Of course, they still had a lot of work ahead of them!

We arrive at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. The Spruce Goose is here. When doing my trip research, I asked John if he wanted to see the Spruce Goose. I got an emphatic “Yes” as an answer.

Upon arrival, we see four large buildings. We both say “Wow” at the same time. One building is a water park with a plane on top. One is an IMAX theater. One building houses twelve galleries related to space exploration. The final building houses the Spruce Goose and other aviation exhibits.

We spend the morning in the Space Building. There are hands on exhibits. We launch the Titan, try to dock the Gemini, land a lunar module, fly a radio control plane and attempt to hover a helicopter. I have no future in aviation although I am able to hover the helicopter.

We watch an IMAX movie and have lunch. We save the best for last. We move to the Aviation Building. The Spruce Goose is beyond description. It is huge! It takes up the entire building. I cannot back up far enough to take a picture of the entire plane.

We watch a movie about the Spruce Goose and tour the rest of the building. The problem is that I cannot take my eyes off the Spruce Goose. The entire museum is great but the Spruce Goose is worth the price of admission!

It is an hour back to Lincoln City. It is a beautiful day with no more rain! We see sunshine today and it is a welcome change.

Campground: Lincoln City KOA

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