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It was 90 degrees yesterday in Nebraska when our air conditioning finally pooped out. We had bought a bottle of recharge but had not used it yet. Yes, now seemed like a good time. On Saturday morning we picked up a load of Fedex packages in Newark, NJ. I'm still am amazing at watching airplanes take off. "Jim, Jim look at that! Isn't it amazing!". He, however, grew on a Air Force bases and reminds me he saw plans taking off/arriving all the time; and is not nearly as impressed as I am I go into hysterics. We were bound for Oakland, California going straight across I-80. This gave us a perfect opportunity to visit with our great friends Annette & Brian in Iowa City, IA. They were very gracious, offering a delicious homemade meal! What a treat! Along the way, I almost took out a buck deer in felt, DID take out a silly morning dove just walking around on the roadway in front of me and saw way too many dead, large animals on the shoulder of the road, including a young moose, 2 large elk and loads of deer. Total of 2882 miles and we had 64 hrs to do it in. We also had to squeeze in an oil change and trail repair in Salt Lake City. Now we are driving across Nevada and the wind in gusty to say the least.

Wow! I no sooner wrote that last paragraph when we just about got blown over! I went up front to see what was going on. An SUV was blown across his lane into the other and side swiped a car. Jim was holding tight and was quite nervous about us continuing when about 1/4 mile in front of us a truck fell onto his side, blocking the entire road. We all came to a stop, the truck directly behind the accident afraid he was about to go over any minute while just sitting there. He must have been empty or very light. We only had about 18k in the box so we weren't exactly heavy. We sat there for 45 until a couple tow trucks came to pull the turned over truck and trailer off the road. That ended up not being such a bad thing. We were rocking side to side like crazy when the gusts would hit. The news was warning of gust between 45 and 70 mph. The worst of it seemed over by the time the road opened. When Jim made it to Reno, Nevada he said there were 3 fifth wheel RV's and 2 tractor trailer on the side in the ditches.

We arrived at the Oakland Airport Fedex terminal with 2 hrs to spare. That entire area has horrific traffic, so after delivering in the wee morning hrs we got right back out of there and spent the remainder of the night in Sacramento, one of the nearest truck stop which is 90 minutes away! Speaking of early hours, for any of you Rver's who like less traffic, weekend nights seem a great time to get thru high traffic area. The local drivers generally have that time off so truck traffic is much lighter. It's my favorite time to drive.

Today we picked up some beer in Chico, CA and are heading to North Carolina. There was snow atop Donner Pass in the Sierra Nevada's! It was quite beautiful seeing it only on the high peaks sticking to the big softwood trees. Before leaving the state we stocked up on fresh cherries and strawberries at a local stand. Yum-Yum! Very sweet!

I will finish this with the chorus of a song that has been on my heart all week. It from Phillips, Craig and Dean. Maybe it's because I came so close to losing my mother and am thankful for the extended time we will have, but I love the words to this song.

"Live with no excuses. Love with no regrets. Laugh a lot and leave this life with nothing left unsaid. Make this world a better place. Don't be afraid to cry. And when it's finally time to say goodbye, there's nothing to lose, nothing to prove, nothing to hide."

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