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I think Lily likes our new pillows....

The mug collection thanks to Rachelle & Donna Craven!

Adam & Kara

Family of 'almost' three!! Lucky baby!

Cousins Dr. Kate, Adam & Kara-mom...

Almost look like sisters, don't they!! Proud mom, Mary and beautiful daughter,...

Love old buildings! Can you imagine how many people had...

a hand in constructing these? What was each life story, I wonder...

Unexpected family reunion in Indy!! Serendipitous events led to a confluence of driving patterns... (didn't think I knew that many long words, did you?? ;>)... so that our stop in Indy coincided with Katie & Mary's trip to Nashville!!! What a great time we had... Lots (!) of great food and hugs and getting to meet Adam's Kara who is a super addition to our family... Mom Mary is driving to Nashville with Dr. Katie so she can take up her residency at the University Hospital there. Lots of excitement and suspense in both cousin's family with major life changes coming soon! We're very proud of all of them! Margie was a great hostess... we love you all!!!

We were sorry to miss the event of the year up in Duluth as Rachel and Sanjiv celebrated their long awaited wedding! Another super cousin!

Today we're headed most of the way to Muskego to get to work at Jodi's house! Two graduations and another family reunion! Keep you posted!

Love to all.... Miss you!

P & E

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