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Waiting to Cross Astoria Bridge

Did We Turn Too Soon?

Gulls on the Beach

Gulls on the Beach

Gulls on the Beach

Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean

Just Us and The Gulls

We are in Oregon. We wake up to showers. Fortunately, the pancake breakfast is inside.

Some days we go exploring and find wonderful places by accident. Some days we just go exploring.

We drive to Astoria and cross the Astoria Bridge. The bridge looks higher and longer from the ground. After crossing the bridge, there is a long causeway across the Columbia River.

We head north on Route 101. The drive to Ilwaco is scenic. We are on the Pacific Ocean. However, it is raining so there are no pictures.

We head to the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center. The center is in Cape Disappointment State Park, a unit of the Lewis and Clark National and State Historical Parks.

We take the loop road. A spur leads to a parking lot for the center. We take the spur road in spite of the no RV signs.

From the parking lot, there is a trail to the center and then another trail to the lighthouse. There are warnings that we need to display some kind of pass or face a $99 ticket.

It is raining so we leave. Cape Disappointment lives up to its name. We are disappointed. Maybe on another day we would have enjoyed the hike.

We head to Long Beach. We stop at the visitor center. Long Beach is a resort town. There are two stoplights. Between the lights are souvenir shops and restaurants. There is a boardwalk. In addition, Jake the Alligator Man lives here. We stop at the museum.

We decide not to continue north. At the north end of the peninsula there is a Wildlife Refuge with hiking trails but we are not hiking today.

We drive to the beach block. In the winter, people drive on the beach. I walk to the Pacific and get my shoes muddy. It is just me and the gulls on the beach.

Before leaving town, we find a market and a place for lunch. We always eat lunch in Washington. It is an early day back at the campground. Like I said, some days we just go exploring.

Campground: Astoria KOA

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