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Coast Guard

Coast Guard


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Astoria Bridge


Astoria Column

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The Toss

Hanging On!


Long Way Down


Fort Stevens State Park

The Jetty and The Pacific


The Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Ocean

John Hikes

White-Crowned Sparrow

Pine and The Columbia

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Air Plant

Barn Swallow





My Plane


We are in Oregon. We wake up to showers. We drive to Astoria. A little rain is not going to stop us.

The trip into town is more enjoyable than yesterday. We are not tired. We see the Astoria Bridge again. It is very tall. I am getting nervous about crossing it already! It is not as big as Mackinaw but . . .

We visit the Columbia River Maritime Museum. This is a great museum! The coast guard rescue boat display is worth the price of admission. We enjoy our time here.

After lunch in town, we drive to the Astoria Column. Built is 1926, the Column is covered with fourteen scenes of the Pacific Northwest History.

I climb the 164 steps to reach the 125-foot top. I am not sure why I do these things. I am not as good with heights as I used to be. Now I remember. For a dollar, I bought a balsa wood glider plane that I toss off the top. I am easily entertained!

The plane does not fly very well. Maybe, it would have done better if I had not broken a piece of the tail off before I got to the top. I was tightly hanging on to the railing. I do recover the plane!

We head back toward camp. The Fort Stevens State Park is directly across the street from our campground. The park covers 3,200 acres. We drive for two miles and turn toward the South Jetty - Mouth of the Columbia. If the mouth of the Columbia is here then the Pacific Ocean must be here also.

I cannot see over a long jetty. I can hear the roar of the ocean. I know waves breaking when I hear them. I climb the observation tower and there it is. We are at the Pacific Ocean!

John immediately starts hiking and looking for that perfect piece of driftwood. We both make it to the sand dunes near the end of the jetty. From here, we look upriver. We both see deer or elk prints in the sand on the way back.

We follow the road further to a beach access area on the Columbia River. We walk a short boardwalk to a wildlife-viewing bunker.

On the way out of the park, we see deer (mule deer?) and eagles. Fort Stevens State Park is unexpectedly wonderful and there is more to see!

Back at the campground, we pop the cork on the champagne that Alice gave us. We have been saving it until we reached the Pacific Ocean. To Alice, CHEERS!

Campground: Astoria KOA

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