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On the road to Asheboro..

Not good!



New tire...

On it goes..


Lots of luck with the tire.... 1- it was on the passenger side.. not out in the traffic.... 2 - it wasn't the Interstate... just a 4 lane with room to pull over...3 - Philip is the genius tool man who knows what to do and has the stuff to do it with! ^_^ 4 ... we were able to find the right size tire in Asheboro over the weekend... 5 - it wasn't raining! 6 - it's hard to make a huge crippling dent in an A/S....

All is well and we're back on the road ... today from WV on to Ohio and then to Indy to visit family. .. Should be at Jodi's by Monday at the latest so we can get to work on two graduations! Zach & JBird's Fun!

Love to all.... God Bless!

P & E

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