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Bonneville Dam Locks

Crossing the Dam

The Visitor Center

Sturgeon Art

Fish Ladder

Looking For Fish

There Is A Fish There!

Bonneville Dam

Bonneville Dam

A Lot of Power!

Locking Through

Headed to the Pacific Ocesn

Caught a Fish!



Fish Hatchery

Herman The Sturgeon



Oregon Trees

Happy Memorial Day!

The Bonneville Dam is only a couple of miles to the west. It seems like a good place to start the day. We spend the entire morning.

At the Visitor Center, I take pictures of the dam. There is an underwater fish viewing area where they count the fish coming up the fish ladder. We are fortunate to see about five fish swim by.

In the theater, we watch a movie about Lewis and Clark. We watch a short clip on salmon and another on the dam.

Bonneville was the first dam built on the Columbia River. It was a Franklin Roosevelt project during the depression.

We continue to explore. We find the recreation area. The banks of the river are lined with anglers. It is a holiday. I hope that tomorrow it will be quieter. John wants to get one day of fishing in here.

We watch a barge “lock through.” It heads west to the Pacific Ocean.

We see many birds. One has a fish in its mouth! One eagle flies overhead. From what we have heard, it is probably trying to steal a fish from the osprey. The osprey is known as the better fishermen.

We stop at the fish hatchery. I feed the fish in the trout ponds. We see Herman the Sturgeon at the surgeon viewing area. Surgeons are very strange looking fish!

There are many rhododendrons in my pictures. They are in full bloom right now and they are obviously a perfect plant for this region. John’s mom would have loved this town!

Campground: Cascade Locks KOA

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