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Castle along the river

The River Tees

Barnard Castle

Egglestone Abbey

The river tees again

The abbey from the other side of the river

We had moved the coach to the Caravan Club site at Barnard Castle in order to explore the Tees Valley and the northern part of the Yorkshire Dales. The campground was only a few years old so access was easy although we had to go diagonal across the pitch.

We woke to grey skies and drizzle but that didn’t deter us. We decided despite the weather to explore the town of Barnard Castle and some of the local surrounding area. Barnard Castle was named after the castle which the town now surrounds. Again the castle was Norman built just after the Norman Conquest with its heyday under Bernard de Bailliol during the latter half of the 12th century.

Our first walk in the morning was through the town and then we passed the now ruined castle and headed along the River Tees. From an old railway bridge we got a great view of the castle along the river before continuing our walk in the surrounding countryside before returning back to the town.

After lunch and with the weather improving we headed out of the town the other way along the River Tees. The walk started well until we crossed a field with cows (heifers). We suddenly found they were following us as we crossed the field and into the next. We kept shooing them away but they continued to follow. We suspected Daisy was attracting them. We crossed a stile into the third field and fortunately they couldn’t follow us. It had been rather scary for all of us. After the fields we continued along by the river and came to the ruins of Egglestone Abbey before heading back along the other side of the river to Barnard Castle.

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