John and Janet 2012 Oregon travel blog

The Interstate

Windmills and Lewis and Clark Trail


Columbia River

The Gorge Ahead

The Interstate

One of Several Dams

"How's Fishing?"

Columbia Gorge Discovery Center

Red Tail Hawk

Great Horned Owl



Rowena Crest

Route 30

Great Views

The Gorge

Our New Site

We leave Pendleton and head northwest knowing that we will reach the Columbia River today. We are on the Interstate. After Boardman, we get our first glimpses of the river and many wind farms. Wind power is big in this region.

We drive the eastern end of Oregon’s Columbia River. We love the area even though we are not yet in “The Gorge.” Our first stop is in Rufus. John gets his Oregon fishing license.

Continuing on, we cross into what is officially the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. The scenery is beautiful.

At The Dalles, we stop at the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center. It is a nice museum and we have a great lunch in their café. We see the very end of a presentation on raptors.

We leave the museum and take historic Route 30. It parallels the Interstate. Maps need to be 3-D.

We climb to the top of the cliffs that border the gorge. Most of the road does not have guardrails and I am on the side where I can see down. The guardrails they have look “flimsy”. Keep your eyes on the road, John.

We reach the top and find Rowena Crest Viewpoint. I wanted to come here. I did not understand the part about the climb. My research says, “The dramatic views of the Rowena Loops and the dry eastern landscape are not to be missed.” My research is right!

Eventually, we get back on the Interstate and find our new KOA in Cascade Locks. The park is beautiful. I feel like I am in Oregon!

Campground: Cascade Locks KOA

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