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the exterior from the golden gates

The hall of mirrors

The queens bedroom

the duphnes bedhead

the garden from the palace

What can you say?

Over the top? Opulent? excessive? But a tribute to the artistry and craftmanship of the artisans

Loads of tourists, packed rooms. But I still wanted to see it! just once.

I'd seen the gardens before and am glad that I had had that time, as we had just an hour this time which just tipped the edges.

After the palace and gardens we went looking for lunch. This became the most interesting bit of the day. It was 3 o'clock, a bit late when we found a place in a neighbouring village. We understood from our hosts virtually non existent English and our not much better French (Pete had a few words) that lunch was over but we could have buffet from the side table. Even some of that was nearly gone. But we got enough for a feed. Then he came out to ask what else we wanted. Sardines? or Filet? Took a while to work out what was going on, but again with his, Pete's, and now a table of other customers we worked out there was more! Which, of course, we had. We were rolling out! All delicious.

The manager ascertained we were Australian and did some kangaroo hops to check that he had it right! Then proceeded with dives of the body and waves of the arms, to comment on the economy. The French economy was diving but the Australian one was still up..almost flying from his movements!

When it was time to leave it was like departing life long friends. Lots of 'Merci's, from us and lots of best wishes for our travels from him, other staff and the customers! We are loving the French!

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