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Mike disappearing

garden 1

garden 2

Yve from Monet's window

the royal wave

water lilly pond 1

THE boat on water lilly pond

Pete on bridge

another bridge

All too exhausting

This afternoon it was off to Monet's garden in Giverney.

The garden is now in two parts: You now go through a tunnel under the road to get to the Water garden. I suppose if a road has to split a hostorical garden , theyve at least done it in such a way you think it might always have been like that!

The garden is interesting not just becasue of the colour; and I'm sure you could go there in any seasoin and something would be flowering and it would look amazing.

It is laid out like a formal garden, in rectangles. In the biggest of these there is lawn with smallish trees as features. In the narrower beds there are climbing roses on trellises spaced evenly apart. The plants spill over everywhere, so it takes a while before you realise how structured the base is.

The house was almost as colourful as the garden

No photos could be taken from inside but every room was painted in different colour combinations. Almost a reflection of his favourite colours in his paintings. I was surprised at the number of Japanese painters represented in the works on his walls. His interest in these painters perhaps explains the Japanese influence in the Water Lilly garden.

The water Lilly pond was much more extensive than I anticipated. Many paths winding around so that you suddenly came on views of bridges or hidden corners

If you knew Monet's work well I'm sure you'd recognise many more of the views

Our last stop before exploring other parts of the village was the gift shop. All too much for some people.

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