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Near the finish line

Check out little man in the midle

Along the course

Part of bike course.View from my roof

Since I've been here there has been some sort of event going on.It's either the town celebrating it's 488th birthday,it's local soccer team winning the finals,and then some bike race that finished in this town.No matter what the event the people here like to celebrate.

Last night I went to a bar to celebrate one of the salsa instructors Birthday and watch the finals of the local team soccer match.The people here get very excited about stuff.I guess I could compare it to your favorite team playing in the SuperBowl or World Series.The bar was packed with a few locals but mostly forgeinors like myself.The bars here are very small so sometimes it is butt's to nutt's,but every body is very friendly so it's easy to meet new people.

After the game, in which the local team won,we went down to Parque Central where it was a mad house.It was like St.Patty's day in NYC.I could not believe how many people where in the park.We managed to get to a bar to have a few more beers and enjoy somemore of the festivities.Fast forward about an hour some of the girls I was with wanted to go to an afterhours bar to do a little dancing.It was close to 2am at this time and I was ready to shut it down so we parted ways.I had some stuff I wanted to get done in the morning and the afterhours bar is open till 8am so I made a good decision.Oh yeah I forgot to tell you about the earthquake that woke me up this morning.I here it's quite common.Yikes!

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