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Little church in Bracciano!

Side street of Bracciano

Orsini-Odescalchi Castle

Love this zoom!!!

Door of Bracciano!

Castle! Sits atop a hill overlooking the lake!

View upon entering the castle!

A little dark, but you get the "picture!"

On the top! Pics are not allowed inside the castle, due to...

Nice view from the top!

Key West??? Sono perduto!! ( I am lost!!)

Bullacame thermal hot spring pool!

The bubbling source of the pool!

Well, I got up early, showered, and headed up the stairs gingerly! Brian was awake, and as a soldier man , he immediately needed a shower at 0700! I started coffee, which he did not care for...,, made eggs with slices of tomato, which he did not care for....water with gas, which he did not care for......, toast and jam, which he liked?, and made a point that Americans do not like "frizz" in their water!!!!! I do, I replied!!!! Red flags start waving!!! And, slapping me in the face! Lol!!!! He then said, " will you be ready to go by 845am?....sure in a mildly sarcastic tone I said " I will be ready by 0900!! Ha! We took off to to the Orsini did not open until 10am so we walked around Bracciano, got an espresso and headed back for our tour! The guide only speaks Italian, but it was just fine as an English explanation was on each wall of every room! This is the castle that Tom Cruise got married in! This castle and the furnishings/paintings/frescoes in its original state! The most interesting room of all for me was Isabella Medici's....she married Orsini but.....she had a secret wooden door that after she "entertained her one night stands!!" the suitor would be thrown through the door into huge blades, cut up and funneled down and into a limestone sand!!!! Can you imagine how many bodies are used in the buildings, as limestone sand sand was used to "glue" the bricks together! Go Isabella!!!! Red flag: he asked the tour guide in English ?? What Time will the tour be over??? Ugh! We got a gellato at the best place in Italy so far: Cafe Grand Italia....ciccolata bianco and cafe ( white chocolate and coffee!!!) ... I have had several here with Tosi!! We decided to drive towards Viterbo in search of the thermal hot springs! After briefly getting lost, we found the bubbling sulphuric 88 degree bath. We sat in the pool for a while...idle conversation... This guy is totally not a fun person to be around (military???) ...nice enough, but BORING AND ARROGANT! Not going to ruin one iota of my trip! :)... Headed back to the lake to rent kayaks....nothing opens here until June 1st! Sat on a dock, appetizers and pizza....going to Tosi's for dinner tonight, going away party for Yvette! After we got ready and headed out, I was a bit apprehensive as Tosi and her colleagues are very anti military/war! A few comments from him stirred up some emotions within me, which I had no problem voicing my opinion! A little frazzled, I got lost going to Tosi's ( by the way, I am very familiar in getting there!)....decided against going to the party, called and cancelled, had a dinner around the home, went straight to bed!!!! Again, wasn't that bad, just narrow minded views that I do not care for!

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