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The Tetons

The Tetons and Jenny Lake

The Tetons and Jenny Lake

The Only Moose We See

What is the difference is between Jackson and Jackson Hole? Jackson is the city. Historically, Jackson Hole was the meadows between the mountains. Today, the names are interchangeable. There are cities named Jackson all over the country. When someone says Jackson Hole, everyone knows it is in Wyoming!

Today, we drive the Teton Park Road through Grand Teton National Park. Our first stop is the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center. We watch the video and I get my stamp.

We stop at many of the turnouts. It is a little cloudy. We can still see the mountains.

We stop at South Jenny Lake Visitor Center. We take the shuttle boat across the lake. The boat does not usually run until June but it has been a mild winter.

On the west side of the lake, we hike to Hidden Falls. It is uphill but not too strenuous.

We attempt to continue on to Inspiration Point. This is more challenging. Someone returning tells us that we are only half-way to Inspiration Point. I guess we are not going to be inspired today! This is far enough. The falls are nice. We hike back to the dock and take our return boat ride.

We drive a one-way scenic drive by Jenny Lake. There is a turnoff set up for perfect picture taking!

At the north end of Jenny Lake, we eat lunch at the lodge. It is getting late so we head on to the highway. We turn south towards our campground. Tomorrow, we have a scenic float trip planned.

Campground: Snake River KOA

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