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National Museum of Wildlife Art

Bronze By Entrance

Entrance Hall

Entrance Hall

Entrance Hall

One Gallery

My Favorite

Another By Robert Bateman

Yellow-Bellied Marmot

Yellow-Bellied Marmot

It is a rainy day. It may be the first rainy day of our trip. We head to the National Museum of Wildlife Art.

The museum is stone and blends into the hillside. It is an impressive building.

We view the galleries. The largest collection is by Carl Rungius. He was an artist, hunter and conservationist. My personal favorites are by Robert Bateman. I especially like his buffalo painting. What a surprise.

As we leave the museum, I get a good look at a yellow-bellied marmot. We stop at the Visitor Center. We do our grocery shopping and then head back to camp. Tomorrow we will try to visit the National Park.

Campground: Snake River KOA

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