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Well today was my last day in the place I first stayed at.I will be moving over to my new place after class.I like where I'm at cause of the proximty to the school,but the room is just way too small so it's time to go.

Class was a little different today.My teacher and I did some running around town cause I needed a translator.I had to change in some US Dollars for some Quetzales,and I had to pay for my rent at my new place.I can understand some of what the people are saying but if they talk too fast I give them a dumb stare and say "no comprendo Espanol".

After class I moved my stuff over to my new place and meet some of the people I will be sharing the flat with.We each have our own rooms but the rest of the place is community property.This is not really my kind of living but it will give me a chance to meet new people and hopefully practice my Spanish.The place is not the Ritz,but for 120 US Dollars you cant go wrong.We also have a maid that cleans the place every day and our rooms once a week.I need to start studying more,but there always seems to be something going on.

I had another salsa class and had planned on doing some studying after,but my arm was twisted once again to go out for a bite to eat with some of the instuctors and a new student.I usually have a private lesson but this evening there was a girl in there from California.It's funny how fast women catch on to this,I feel like a retard watching them dance.But I'm getting better so I just have to be patient.After dinner I walked the new girl home cause she didn't feel safe.She had told me some of her friends had gotten robbed at gunpoint not too far from the salsa school so that didn't make me feel too good.When we got to her place I realized it was a place I had looked at but was too far from my school.I had never been inside so she gave me a quick tour.After some chit chat I headed back to my place to see if I could get a better nights sleep at my new place.I will report on that tomorrow.Adios!

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