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Hello all,

Our last three days on North Island were spent in a town south of Auckland called Manukau. A day in Auckland was rain soaked but dry inside the casino at the foot of the communication tower which I believe is the second biggest in the world. We didn't bother going up as one it was over priced and two the Kuala Lumpur one was on a hill so even though shorter had a higher vantage point, oh and it was a grim day anyway.

All was not lost as Petrina showed great beginners luck on the slots and treated us to a slap up award winning fish and chip supper at a pub in the heart of the city all washed down with a pint of the local brew, Lovely.

The campsite proved entertaining with its usual blend of live-ins and holiday makers. The highlight had to be a Kiwi in his seventies who looked like Uncle Fester, dined on nothing but raw, whole vegetables and discussed wacky conspiracy theories with anyone who'd listen (me). My personal favourite was "The problem with Americans is that one in three are homosexuals and the rest are Jews." I'd just like to point out to my family that there was a good reason I didn't eat vegetables as kid. I always wondered why he lived in the cellar. Or was that Grandpa Munster? Anyway FRUITCAKE!!!

So the morning of the tenth was bye, bye NZ. We arrived at Auckland international after saying a sad farewell to our campervan, checked in and logged on to a free PC in the airport. Now what was I saying about NZ and the Internet?

So the plan was Jet Star was taking us to Christchurch the Air Asia would fly us to Kuala Lumpur. As we had failed miserably to be understood or taken seriously by Air Asia in our request for a refund and complaint over the previous month we bit the bullet and decided to take the ticket rather than lose 550 quid. So imagine our surprise when I logged into my email to see that the day we were set to fly with them that they had decided to refund our tickets. It took several phone calls and numerous emails, but wasn't until I threatened to complain to their ombudsman did we get any success.

So there we were with a flight to Christchurch and no flight from there onwards. After a quick search on the Internet we found the same Air Asia tickets for 300 quid 3 days later. So off to Christchurch we flew with 3 more nights in NZ to enjoy.

Much love C & P

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