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Hello all,

After leaving Hong Pong we headed to the Bay of Plenty stopping for lunch in Tauranga before trekking up Mount Maunganui.

A fairly easy task compared to our other climbs but well worth it for some stunning scenery. Pictures soon we promise.

After our climb down we had a stroll in the most shelled beach I've ever seen (sea shelled, not American shelled) and then relaxed our tired bodies in a hot sea water spa, lovely.

The evening was a bit of a mare as we couldn't find the DOC site despite calling their hotline. So we dumped it on the side of the road, after driving half way to Aukland, on a grassy spot next to the beach. That one of the best things about NZ, you're never far from the sea.

Waking up twenty yards from the sea in the morning is just a great way to start your day. Being caught short without facilities and only a doggy bin is another story!

Much love C & P xx

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