Hola Mis Amigos! travel blog

Entrance to my first destination

Kitchen. Duh!

The door in the middle is entrance to my room

Giant study area...not!

My rock hard bed

There wasn't much to report for Sunday except a bunch of conjugating verbs for class.I think this will be the hardest part so the quicker I learn all these verbs the faster I will be able to speak Spanish.God know I'm gonna need all the help I can get. Class started out as it always does with my teacher asking me questions and me trying to figure out what she's saying.Then it was on to more verbs and making sentences with them.After class I joined a local gym where one of my classmates and I will start heading to on a daily basis.After our workout we headed out for some lunch where I had 3 chicken fajitas with rice and a water for about 4 US Dollars.I also found a new place to live.The place I'm in now is about the size of a shoe box so I needed to move.After a quick nap it was off to salsa for another lesson.It looks like I'm going to need to buy some shoes so I can do some of these fancy steps I'm learning.Well I have about 150 verbs to memorize so I better get going.Bye for now!

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