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Entrying the castle

The Castle keep

Across one of the bay

Another view of the bay

Looking along the walls

Across the site

One of the old gates

King John's chamber

The keep

The inner moat

North bay

South Bay

The harbour

The three nomads

Across the walls to sea

Inside the keep

Old fireplace

Another view

Replica of Bronze Age knife

Roman pots

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Panoramic view from Scarborough Castle

Scarborough is the oldest holiday resort in the country as it first attracted visitors in early seventeenth century when mineral springs were discovered. Scarborough has two bays with a headland between the bays on which sits Scarborough Castle.

To get the best views in Scarborough we headed to Scarborough Castle. Because of its prominent position the headland has been an important location along the coast for over 3,000 years. The Romans had a signal station here. Henry II developed the castle during the 12th century, the keep dominating today the site. Over later centuries in response to repeated sieges, the key ones being in 1312 and twice during the Civil War the fortifications were enhanced. During World War I the castle was damaged by a German naval bombardment. It was also a secret listening post during World War II.

As well as exploring the castle ruins we visited the viewing platforms to get the promised panoramic views of Scarborough and its two bays. The views were stunning.

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