CJ and Bexta take on the world 2004/05 travel blog

Friendly little wallaby

Sunset from the balcony

Just about to take a dip!

Somewhere over the rainbow!

Sunset over the Gold Coast

Patrick with a big rod!

Patrick whalewatching (me included!)

Me trying to catch tea

This is the life!

Sunset over Coran Cove

A Wallaby enjoys the sunset

At last the famous Ozzie BBQ

Me busy with a sandcastle

Patrick doing a Lonely Planet impression


Entry to Coran Cove

Our apartment

Flipper flipping

No thats not me!

Polar bears in Oz?

Flipper again

Patrick on a bad day

Patrick's new girlfriend

Surfers Paradise

We had the whole beach to ourselves

Arty farty shot

Patrick doing the road to Amarillo dance

Me doing road to Amarillo dance!

Patrick enjoying a Kayak!

Me and my new travel buddy

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