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Today we headed out to the Yorkshire Moors to the small village of Rosedale Abbey in the Rosedale Valley. The area is mixture of wild moorlands and stone-walled fields of farms. The area was first settled in the Bronze Age. In the 12th century a group of Cistercian or Benedictine nuns arrived and a priory was built which eventually closed in 1536 on the Dissolution of the Monasteries under Henry VIII. Hence how the village got its name.

Our walk took us through farmyards over pretty streams and through a number of small hamlets. Daisy even made a friend in one of the farmyards when she said hello very nicely to one of the farmyards dogs. On our walk we saw some unusual structures on the hillside. We discovered after asking one of the locals that these were the remains of iron kilns. It turns out that in 1853 there was the discovery of high-grade magnetic ironstone. The valley had a huge increase in population as miners, engineers and other workers came to exploit the iron. The Valley was a vast industrial area until 1926. Today it is hard to imagine that this peaceful valley a hundred years ago was quite a different place.

After a quick cup of tea we went onto the high moor and took a walk past one of the old kilns. The weather started to come in so we headed back to base.

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