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Wyoming Scenery


Wyoming Scenery

After breakfast and a Wal-Mart stop, we head into Cody to the Humble Fly Shop. John wants to book a float trip on the Shoshone River. They have just released water from the reservoir so fishing in the river will not be good for a couple of days. Rats!

Mike gives us directions to the East and West Newton Lakes. “You can’t miss it.”

We turn left at the Walgreen. We see a gas station. Is that the mini-mart? It cannot be because the route number is wrong.

We call Mike back. “Oops. I gave you the wrong route number.” That was the road.

Now that we are on the right road, we find the shooting range turn off; we pass the range and find the road to the lakes. “You can’t miss it!”

John wades in the water. He sees many fish. He gets hits. He does not land any fish. He gets very muddy!

We head back to town and stop again at The Humble Fly. Yep, that is the spot. John gets more information and will probably try the other lake tomorrow. On the other hand, he may get his float trip. That is another day.

While in the shop, there is a lot of talk. Those present may be enjoying my reactions. The rattlesnakes are not out yet. Another couple of warm days like this though ought to bring them out.

Cody has more Grizzly bears than Yellowstone. When we leave the shop, I expect to see a grizzly walking down the street! What will I do? I am not packing a gun and I do not have bear mace.

Cody is a nice town. It has that western feel. The residents are capitalizing on the tourist trade. There are plenty of restaurants and gift shops! The residents hope you linger here a few days before heading into Yellowstone.

Campground: Cody KOA

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