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I woke up at around 7am. I packed my staff and arranged my things and had breakfast. I had my pick up arranged for 10.30am. I got to the station in good time and waited their for the train. It wasn’t busy. The train arrived in good time and I got on. Luckily I had only 1 compartment mate. He was a man around his 50s visiting his daughter who was studying down south. He was a very nice guy and we spent a lot of time talking.

The family in the next compartment were really nice southafricans too. The people on the other side where quite obnoctious and rude. They were ourists too, I think from England. I didn’t speak to them. The train ride was amazing and the views were just stunning. I spent most of the time just looking out of the window. I had dinner with my compartment mate in the dinning car and got really sleepy when we got back to our car. I doozed of a little bit, but than woke up again when we arrived in Kimberley. After that it was hard for me to fall asleep again! It was amazingly cold and loud. I put ear plugs in and covered myself if everything that Ihad on me. However I couldn’t sleep well.

The next morning I wolk up at 7 again. I had a wash and than coffee. After a while I went back to the restaurant to have breakfast. After that I spent all day again looking out of the window and talking to the people I met . I had an amazing ride through south africa and arrived in the late afternoon in Capetown.

As the hostel was not far I was trzing to find a meter cap. A guy kept walking with me talking to me. When I arrived the cap stand the 1st cap didn’t have a meeter and wanted 50 Rand. The guy who walked with me wanted money too. I got out and went back the isle to find 1 that had a meter.

I found one but the guy who followed me didn’t step aside until I gave him some money. When he finally did Iwe left for Long Street. At the hostel settled in and had some beers with my room mates. Than I went out to grab some food. When I got back I played pool with some guys and we won! Than I was off to bed, as it’s been a long day and I was exhausted.

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