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Prairie Dogs

John and Janet in Wyoming

Bridger Road

Mama Sage


Wind River Canyon

We Made It This Far!

Wind River Canyon

Both Cameras Are Out

Wind River Canyon

Wind River Canyon

Great Scenic Byway

Wind River Canyon

Wind River Canyon

Wedding of the Waters

Going Fishing

Mend Left

The River

We Leave The Canyon Behind

What's This?

We must make a decision. Should we go to Yellowstone first or the Grand Tetons? Yellowstone wins. We head north to Cody, WY. Conversation in car:

Janet - Antelope

John - Another Antelope

Janet - I want to go to Wichita someday.

John - Tell me where to turn. (Laughter)

Janet - Antelope

John - More Antelope

We stop at a wayside and I take pictures of prairie dogs. Wyoming has nice waysides! We pass through a town with a population of one hundred. They have a restaurant with WIFI.

We reach Shoshone and turn north on the Wind River Scenic Byway. What a surprise! It is breathtakingly beautiful. We pull over to take pictures many times. After spotting antelope for many miles, this is a very welcome change. I am glad we came this way!

Leaving the canyon, we find river access. We are not sure if John is fishing on the Wind River or the Little Bighorn. They join here. John finds no fish but he practices casting. He is getting good. “Don’t forget to mend left.”

Out of the canyon, we stop for lunch in Thermopolis. Continuing on, we are still on a scenic highway. It is not as scenic as the canyon but we see mountains in the distance. They have snow on top. The Rocky Mountains show themselves!

Today we drive as far as we ever drive. It is nice that the drive is broken up into sections with different scenery. I think we will enjoy Cody!

Campground: Cody, KOA

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