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hidden behind shops

Tudor houses. Sagging roof ridge

Yve photographs Thatched houses Great Tew

Thatched house Great Tew

I think in our effort to find a thatched cottage and post card villages, we have seen or passed through just about every village in or near the edges of the Cotswolds!!

Today we went back through the Cotswolds area to Burford. No thatched houses but well worth the drive and when there, the walking in the rain. There was a much greater variety of housing than in the central Cotswold villages, from Tudor onwards and in a variety of building materials and colours beyond the Cotswold's honey coloured stone.

Very pretty with the main street winding down to the river.

There quite a few little lanes opening into spaces behind shops. Sometimes in these spaces there were more little shops. At others a seating area in what the shops promoted as 'suntraps', mostly being used for food and drinks.

Many of the houses had flower boxes up near the gutters. Sometimes these seemed to be in the gutters. The older roofs looked like they would never keep rain out, with or without effective gutters. Added to that was the moss on the slate tiles, broken tiles and sagging ridges on roofs.

One slightly unexpected sight was an RM Williams shop!

The rain began getting quite heavy here. For a little while we had to sheltrr under an awning with others. A shop girl came out and asked everyone to move to one side. She then poked the awning with a broomstick and water poured over the side. We then all moved to the other side for a repeat performance.

When rain eased enough it was back to the car and off to find Great Tew. Had we googled 'thatched cottages' rather than 'Cotswolfs' before we left home we might have found them earlier.

After much to-ing and froing we came across the biscuit tin picture of thatched roofs. lots of them, all but one in good repair. Yve's persistence and Mikes patience had won the day.

Next step a long drive up to Stratford on Avon. Still raining.

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