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First Fish


Second Fish

Fishing On The Platte



Good One


And Another

Look At The Colors


The Big One

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Headed Back


Mule Deer






Canada Goose

Northern Shrike

Redwind Blackbird

The North Platte River

Looking Ahead



Wyoming Sky



Sometimes we get lucky. The day we pick for fishing is a weekday. There are three boats on the river. Yesterday there were thirty. The temperature is great and there is no wind. No wind is unusual for Casper. I guess it is just dumb luck.

We meet our guide, Vance, at the Crazy Rainbow Resort. Vance drives us to the North Platte River for a float trip. Technically, we are not on Miracle Mile but you cannot prove it by me. We are further north and closer to Casper than Miracle Mile which by the way is seven miles long.

Vance works hard. He rows almost nonstop. While rowing he gives instruction. He earns his pay.

John makes his first cast. Vance tells him to “mend left.” What does that mean? Basically, it means to flip the line in the water to the left.

John catches fish immediately. He has a smile on his face. The fishing is great all day!

I spend my time taking pictures. The scenery is beautiful. I see antelope and mule deer. I take pictures of birds. The redwing blackbirds are everywhere. I am surprised to see pelicans. I love the killdeer and the Canada Geese are great as long as they are not on my golf course at home!

There are shots that I miss that I can see in my head. There is a mule deer poking his head over a mound that would make a great close-up. However, the boat is moving and I am constantly interrupted to take pictures of fish! It is a great day on the water for both of us!

Campground: Casper KOA

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