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room in Berkeley

the thick walls of the older section stopped wirless from working

Mike and Yvonne at breakfast

Stayed with Malinder overnight and then headed south. (we are criss crossing the country!)

First stop was the mother of another friend of Chanelle’s. Audrey lives in a semi- detached with a long narrow back garden. Over the fence is a paddock with farm buildings on the other side. So the view of cows complements the garden views. She’s very obviously a keen gardener. Masses of blooms, and further back a veggie garden and tucked in on one side, a green house. Having just finished my staircase Michael took a close interest in Audrey’s, which was much the same style. But they were covered in carpet, wrapped around each separate step. I think he’d like me to do that to mine, but I don’t think that will happen any time soon (or even later)!

After checking out Audrey’s map of the Cotswold area we headed to more southern parts below the Cotswolds. We hadn’t thought about things like Bank Holidays and accommodation. We haven’t been booking ahead, just going with the flow! So after ringing 3 places in more central areas this one was able to accommodate us for tonight (and maybe more if we can)

As it has turned out it’s a very interesting building. The Malt House Inn. It looks really old. Lots of big heavy beams and old artifacts and nick knacks. I asked about the history after we been led through a labyrinth to get to our room and was told that it wasn’t that old. The two side sections and perhaps even the top story had been added in the 80’s to match the original small middle section (which is old but not sure how old). The original had been an inn and the first owner a Mr Malt! So nothing to do with brewing of any sort! Bit of a let down but still we all like it. We’re in the roof section so side walls slope after the first metre or so.

The tourist attraction with a claim to fame in this town (Berkeley) is its castle. The oldest, permanently lived in, in the country. Family may not believe this, but Yve is looking forward to visiting this attraction. It also has an extensive garden which should also be worth seeing

Food here is good. Their big English breakfasts will keep us going most of the day

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