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Douglas Bike Path

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Mom and Chick

John Puts The Bikes Back

It is a relaxing day in Douglas. Douglas is the home of the Jackalope. It is one of the top one-hundred small towns in America. I do not know who voted but Douglas gets my vote.

We hunt again for the World’s Largest Jackalope. It is not here! Into the Chamber of Commerce Building I go. The jackalope is being “spruced up” for the summer. The woman working here does not want me to go away unhappy. She insists that we have a “photo op” outside.

We tour the trains at here. It only takes a few minutes. A couple of blocks away we find the “old” World’s Largest Jackalope. We take pictures. It will have to do.

In the afternoon, we get John his fishing license. The Platte River runs through town. We head to the city park. John fishes for a while. I suggest that we take a bike ride. The city’s bike path follows the Platte.

The birds are chirping and the butterflies are everywhere. The pollen from the cottonwoods is everywhere. I get pictures of redwing blackbirds. I get pictures of Canada Geese. We see an eagle’s nest. I get a picture of mom and her chick.

We stop for groceries and have a long talk with a local. He moved here from New Hampshire. He should get a job at the Chamber of Commerce!

Tomorrow, we head to Casper. I think I said that before.

Campground: Douglas KOA

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