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Very brief trip to see some citrus production. Arrived late afternoon but had time for a couple of hours walk before I had to get back to the hotel to get freshened up before being taken out by the suppliers. Newcastle were playing tonight and I was very impressed that they had managed to agree for a bar to show the game and provide some food and drink. An unexpected win against Chelsea with two great Cisse goals made it a great night out.

All day factory visit but again I had time to explore the city afterwards before heading back to Murcia airport for a late flight home.

Chaos at Stansted on arrival, hurrying to catch the bus didn't work as we were blocked into a corridor to wait until border control cleared a bit. Let through in batches there was still an almighty queue in the immigration hall, when I finally got that far. I think they were taking the piss, getting eyepieces out on documents at midnight when the queue was so long, and how many forged documents did they discover in the hour I was in the queue - none. Either they are over-reacting and making a show or they are shit at spotting forgeries. Jumped in a taxi and finally got home just before 2am.

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