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Fort Laramie National Historic Site

John Looks For Fish

Laramie River

Fort Laramie National Historic Site

John Finds The Water

New Guard House

Cells Below Ground



Gatlin Gun

Officers Quarters Ruins


Old Bedlam - Bachelor Officer Quarters

Signing Up, John?

Saddle For Sale


Oregon Trail Ruts State Historical Site


They Came Up This?

This Was The Easiest Route?

Looking Up

Down The Other Side

Hard To Believe

View From The Top

Register Cliff State Historic Site

Register Cliff






The Cliff



We stumble our way across the country. All works out well!

I know I have a full day planned. We enter Wyoming on Route 26. This is Old Yellowstone Road. We find Fort Laramie National Historic Site. I get my stamps.

From the pictures I have seen, I expect this to be a quick Photo Op of a fort. It is not. There is a lot to see here. We walk the grounds. I know we do not have to make Casper today so we take our time and enjoy what we are seeing. It is a good stop!

In Guernsey, we find the Oregon Trail Ruts State Historic Site. I do not want to miss this. These are probably the most photographed Trail Ruts. The ruts do not disappoint me. I stand in the ruts and try to imagine wagon after wagon passing through here. It is impressive and difficult to imagine!

Nearby, is the Register Cliff State Historic Site. Again, I am not disappointed. In the days of the pioneers people wanted others to know they had come this way! There are many modern day signatures on the cliff but the older signatures are also there. We walk the trail by the cliff reading the dates. It is addictive.

Back on route 26, we see our first antelope of the trip, our first buffalo and our first emu. Where did that come from?

Route 26 turns into the Interstate. I have one more stop to make in Douglas. This is going to be a long day. No, it is not! There is a KOA here.

We get off the interstate at Douglas and look for the Jackalope. We are not successful but we book the RV site for two nights. Tomorrow, I will get my jackalope picture. Tomorrow we will explore the Douglas area.

Campground: Douglas KOA

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