John and Janet 2012 Oregon travel blog

Scotts Bluff National Monument


First Tunnel

Another Tunnel

South Overlook

South Overlook - The Saddle

Our Road - Through The Eagle

I Start Down



I Can Still See The RV

Great View

Hiking - View of The Dome


The Saddle


My Tunnel

John Is Still Watching



Almost Back

Mandatory Wildflower

What The Pioneers Saw - Sentinel and Eagle

John's Ride Down

John's Ride Down

Scottsbluff National Monument is today’s destination. What can I say? Today is more about pictures than words.

We stop at the Visitor Center. We talk with the rangers. We watch the video and look at the exhibits. I get my stamps.

We drive to the top of the bluff. The views along the 1.6-mile drive are spectacular. We go through three tunnels.

At the top, we hike to the South Viewpoint. I see a red fox briefly. I wish I got a picture.

I walk to the North Viewpoint and start down the Saddle Rock Trail. John is in charge of getting the RV back down to the Visitor Center.

The hike is wonderful! I take picture after picture after picture! I admit to favoring the side of the trail closest to the bluff in spots. I know I am not going to fall off the path but it somehow fells safer. No, I do not see any rattlesnakes!

Fortunately, John is waiting for me at the bottom. My calves may feel it tomorrow but the hike was great!

Campground: Robidoux RV

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