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Nebraska Windmill

Windlass Hill

The Homestead

Pay Attention, John


More Boots

North Platte River from Ash Hollow SHP

Rock Schoolhouse

Where Are The Kids?

I Guess They Forgot Their Homework

Any Rattlesnakes?

Western Trails

Frog's Head Bluff

The Platte River

John Walks The Platte

John Looks For Fish - Of Course

Resting Along The Platte

Resting Along The Platte

Rest Over

RV Park

RV Park

It is foggy! I feel like I am at the shore. We do not rush. We want the fog to lift before we get on the road. It does.

From North Platte we continue west on Route 30. We again follow the railroad. In Sutherland, we cross into The Mountain Time Zone.

In Ogallala we leave Route 30 and head northwest on Route 26. We get some great views of Lake McConaughy. We are on the Western Trails Byway. This is definitely Oregon Trail country as we now follow the Platte River.

We see a sign for Windlass Hill Historic Site. Let's stop. We take pictures of a homestead and read a rattlesnakes warning. John so wants to see one! We also take pictures of boots. I do not know why they are here but they line the highway. I am sure there is a story.

We pull into the Ash Hollow State Historical Park. It is closed. However, we get some great views of the Platte and discover a rock schoolhouse.

We do not go far when I give John one of those “pull over” yells. The guide at the Archway gave me a great book. Without it, I would not know that we are looking at Frog’s Head Bluff. The Mormons named it this. It was a landmark for those heading west.

At Broadwater, we can take 26 or 92. The GPS points us to 92 and I am glad I listen. We find a great place to take more pictures of the Platte. Down the road, we get glimpses of Courthouse and Jail Rock. These were two more landmarks for the pioneers. We stop for lunch.

After our break, we have our first glimpse of Chimney Rock. I do not take pictures from the car. I plan to camp here tonight. We find the RV Park and I am glad it is closed! I am ready to stop but not here. I have a backup.

The next twenty miles are a little stressful for me. What if the next park is just as bad? We begin to see Scottsbluff. In Gering, we pull into Robidoux RV Park. This place is fantastic and will be our base camp as we explore the area! Whew!

Campground: Robidoux RV

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