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We woke up to sunshine this morning and the quiet sounds of the garbage being collected – really, 7am?

Most everybody was ready to leave about 9:30 but we couldn't get Rick to move because he was sticking to the 10am departure. We were last and followed Rick so the others had about a 10 minute head start but we eventually caught them – I guess they stopped because somebody was leaking water.

This drive was the most interesting of the year – so far. Lots of ups and down and curves and narrow roads. Took us nearly three hours to drive the 80 miles. We were in valleys and canyons and saw lots of cows. Oh, had a wild turkey fly from one side of the road to the other right over the top of our cab.

The park isn't as green and nice as I expected. We are surrounded by oak trees and seeing lots of birds and apparently others saw a dozen condors but we didn't get the memo and had no idea they were flying in the area.

Had a nice happy hour visiting with everybody but it sure is circus like when 16 people are all visiting. Bonnie and Gene are coming over for Irish at 10am – don't know how that happened – spur of the moment thing. Looking forward to their visit.

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