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Nebraska Byway

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Nebraska Irragation

Gothenburg Nebraska

Pony Express Station

My New Coat

Good Stop

World's Largest Plow

Wire Buffalo and Indian

Sod House


How Did I Time This?

Golden Spike Tower

Enclosed and Open Observation Decks

Bailey Yard




Bailey Yard Sign

The planets may not be in alignment any more but we persevere. I reread my information on the Windmill State Recreation Area. I am not crazy. Well, maybe I am. However, we were supposed to have seen a collection of antique windmills. Maybe they put them out in the summer.

We drive to Cabela’s in Kearney. There is an Antique Car collection here. We arrive at 9:00. It is Sunday and the museum opens at 1:00. We move on.

It is a leisurely ride on Route 30. I mute the GPS. She wants us on the interstate. I entertain myself taking pictures of trains and signs. There are many redwing blackbirds. It really is a nice ride.

In Gothenburg, we visit a Pony Express station. It is a real station. It was originally 30 miles away. There is a volunteer waiting for us. I buy a book on the Pony Express. I just finished my book on the Transcontinental Railroad.

We move on to the Sod House Museum. It opens Memorial Day. We do not miss much. I take pictures of the World’s Largest Plow, the sod house and the wire Buffalo and Indian. I also get the windmill! I do not think we would have seen much more if the museum was open.

We head to the KOA. On paper, it looks good. In reality, the WIFI is iffy. Water surrounds the park but there is no fishing access. It is early in the day so we push on.

In North Platte, we arrive at the Golden Spike Tower. It does not open for an hour. It is Sunday. We decide to have a picnic lunch. I am glad we wait for the tower to open. This is worth the stop.

Bailey Yard is the world’s largest rail yard! The five-minute video is wonderful. It explains what we will see. The retired railroad worker from the video is waiting on the eighth floor to talk with us. This place is amazing!

Before we leave, we get directions for crossing back over the railroad tracks. We find our RV Park on the Lincoln Highway. It looks a little rustic at first but the people are great and so is the site.

Campground: Lincoln Highway RV Park

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