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Highway 92

Platte River

Lincoln Highway

It's A Race


$2.50 Picture

$2.50 Picture


Why Use The Bridge?

Great Platte River Road Archway

Photo Op

Here We Go Again!

In A Cornfield

We head west on Route 92. We are crossing the prairie so we do not expect great scenery. The road is good and there is little traffic. Occasionally, we go through a small town.

We cross the Platte River and meet up with Route 30, aka the Lincoln Highway. We parallel the Platte River but do not see it. Instead, we see trains. We hold our own race with the Union Pacific.

In Gibbon, I head us south to the Windmill State Recreation Area. It is only three miles. We use a bridge to cross the train tracks.

I assume there will be many windmills and a visitor center. I am wrong. We pay the $5.00 Day Use fee and go exploring. It is a very nice park with lakes but only one windmill. I figure each picture cost $2.50.

We head back toward Gibbon. I let the GPS take us to Route 30. Is this a gravel road? We can handle it. Why use the bridge to cross the tracks?

We check in at a brand new campground. Brand new means it was a cornfield last year. The owner is nice but it is just a place to park for the night.

We are a mile from the Great Platte River Road Archway. It is early enough in the day to visit it. The Archway is an attraction built by Disney. It crosses Interstate 80.

All of the major trails converge in Kearney. At the Archway, there are exhibits showing the Oregon, California and Mormon trail. In addition, the railroad came through Kearney. There is an exhibit about the Transcontinental Railroad. There is a Pony Express Exhibit. There is an exhibit about early travel west by car.

The attraction is worth the stop. The guides are very helpful. One guide brings me information on areas we will visit as we head west.

Campground: Kearney RV

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