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Patrik Aronsson, Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg

Tove Hedenrud, Salhgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg

Medical History Museum, Gothenburg

Waiting for a Water Taxi - for tour of Gothenburg Harbor

Resting on the Water Taxi

Dr. Normann and his (2nd) Cousin, Dr. Anette Nilsson (a Swedish physician...

Eileen, Danielle and Christian - Scarfs have become quite popular

Today we took the tram up to the University of Gothenburg. We were greeted by Patrik Aronsson and Tove Hedenrud who showed us around the campus and educated us on the pharmacy program at the Sahlgrenska Academy. Presentations included an overview of the campuses curriculum as well as background information on how pharmacies in the country of Sweden operate. The school has roughly 80 students enrolled per year and includes many similarities to our own school of pharmacy at the University of Florida such as practice experience and a firm background in both chemistry and biology. The Univeristy of Gothenburg offers a bachelors of pharmacy that takes 3 years to obtain as well as a master that takes 5 years and the completion of a thesis.

While many of the school aspects of Swedish schools were similar to those at UF the professional duties of a pharmacist were discovered to be different. These differences includes the training of both pharmacy techs and a dispensing pharmacist. Dispensing pharmacists are those that have earned a bachelors degree and are legally able to dispense medications to the public without the presence of a pharmacist. As such, every community pharmacy does not require a pharmacist to have a masters degree in order to function. After the presentations we were given a small recess for coffee and cake otherwise known in Sweden as Fika. The cake was absolutely delicious and the coffee refreshing which was graciously provided by our hosts at the university.

After the university visit our PharmSCAN group visited the medical museum of Gothenburg.. After a tour of the museum where we learned about the history of medicine in Sweden we walked to the harbor. Here we took a tour of the harbor by ferry. This offered great views of the city and a warm place to sit and provide cover from the rain. With our time in Gothenburg over, our PharmSCAN group caught a train headed to Oslo where more fun and pharmacy education awaits!

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