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Jenny 1995-2012

Today we heard from Tony's cousin Susan that Jenny our beloved Golden Retriever who had travelled with us across North America had died at the grand old age of 16 years and 5 months.

She was well until the night before enjoying her retirement in Florida. She became seriously ill very quickly and died very peacefully and didn't suffer. She was a truly wonderful dog. Everyone who met her fell in love with her and she went surrounded with love.

She will be forever in our hearts and her spirit will travel with us as we explore Europe.

Here is a poem dedicated to Jenny

I have wandered hills and mountains

Swam in crystal clear lakes

Watched waves by the ocean

Enjoyed visiting each new place.

Life was an adventure

To be lived to the full

But I found time to play ball

And play ball!

Time took its toll and I had to slow down.

I found it difficult to get around.

So I became sad because I was old

Life wasn’t fun for me anymore.

Today I fell asleep one last time on the good earth

I woke in a new place called heaven so far from my home.

I used to be old but now I am young

So it’s time to explore and play ball and play ball!

We miss you. God Bless

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