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White Cloud, KS

Scenic Byway

We Stop

Missouri River

Another Great River!

It's Cold

As Seen By Lewis and Clark

Looking For Driftwood

This Will Do

We're Not In Kansas Anymore!


It is decision time. If we get on the Interstate, it is two hours to Omaha. On the other hand, we can cross the Missouri River into Kansas and head north on the state roads. It is no contest. We head to the river.

I wonder aloud if I have crossed the Missouri River before. I was south of it in St. Louis. I was north of it when we crossed Montana. John reminds me of the time we spent in North Dakota. He is right. I guess his geography lessons are paying off.

This is a much better drive. We travel north on scenic Route 7. It is as if they built the road just for us. We stop in White Cloud, KS. It is a great place to see the river as Lewis and Clark saw it. John picks up a piece of driftwood. We see many piles of brush and trees uprooted from last years flooding!

We cross the state line into Nebraska. Our last hour on the road is not as good. The roads are a little rough. We side track ourselves twice as we look for a place to eat lunch. Recalculating! We near civilization and find a Ruby Tuesday. We are back on track.

Tomorrow we will spend the day in Council Bluffs.

Campground: Omaha KOA

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