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I have no idea what we hauled to Bethlehem, PA other than it was frozen food. Couldn't make out the code language on the bills. Probably frozen pizza or something. Anyway, an uneventful drive there except for the snowstorm in the western Pennsylvania mountains. Fortunately the ground is thawed so nothing was sticking. Just a weird sight to see with leaves coming out on the trees and bushes all green!

We were able to stop into one of our favorite, local breakfast/lunch diners.....Chris's Restaurant. I love their sausage and cheese omelet! Best ever with local made sausage. And Jim's likes their Florentine omelet with fresh spinach, feta cheese and added bacon. This family run place was a daily routine when we were doing our northeast runs of Maine to Pennsylvania. We loved the atmosphere, Mom & Pop place with a variety of family members working at different times, seniors arriving with newspaper crosswords in hand to spend the morning chatting and playing, local workers hangout with GREAT coffee and homemade meals. The owners are Greek and the father has a wonderful accent! We enjoyed conversing with him and the people who frequented this place.

Our next load is going to pickup at Kennett's Square, PA (self proclaimed Mushroom Capital of the World) with 2 deliveries to Publix Grocery Warehouses in GA and FL. We needed to scan our paperwork in and get a shower. No more mailing bills thru the mail, we just scan it to the company and get paid that week! Much more efficient. Afterwards, we took the most direct route to our pickup place, which WAS a truck route, but a very curvy, twisted, hilly route thru Amish country. It was a treat to see all the baby animals! Young lambs frolicking in the fields, colts sunbathing and looking "dead" next to their mothers and even a cow who had escaped from his pasture, munching on newly sprouted pea plants as the family was running toward it waving their arms! It was a pretty ride with late spring all around us.

Now for all you mushroom lovers, I found a great link to the place we are picking up. It describe how this food is grown and harvested.

Personally, I can't stand ANY kind of mushroom.....nasty, slimy and non-appealing. But I'm definitely in the minority.

Phillips Mushrooms Farms are the largest marketer of specialty mushrooms in the U.S.; distributing over 35 million pounds of specialty mushrooms annually. Fresh, dried, stuffed and varieties of all, this place has mushrooms! Learned a lot from their website It may interest you. They have been growing mushrooms since 1927 and are now in their third generation. We have been here many times taking mushrooms to stores or manufacturing businesses.

Our load isn't suppose to be ready to 5pm, that unfortunately puts us right at rush area in one of the busiest arteries on I-95......Philadelphia thru Washington DC. So I need to try and sleep so that we can drive thru the night to get to Atlanta area by noon tomorrow. Glad to have some books on CD and friends you like burning the midnight phones!

O LORD of hosts, Blessed [is] the man who trusts in You! Psalms 84:12

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