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Sunset on last night

Another shot of the sunset, it just got better

We said goodbye to our bike and I dropped Ang off at the resort then drove the bike back from whence it came after filling it up with fuel bought from a toothless old bag at the side of the road who should have had a mask and a swag bag considering that she charged me 10 Baht more than the day before for the same fuel. I walked back to the resort along the sand and it started pelting it down which was OK as it was hot rain and I needed a shower anyway. We have actually started eating in the restaurant at the resort more as it is really nice and cheap as well, plus the benefit of belt feeding me Chang beer which is always a boon. We went down the beach to the hotel where all the Germans are staying, I am sure they are all swingers as they look the type, overweight and older (bit like myself actually), and managed to nick a couple of towels so we could act as if we belonged there. It was so hot we were baking and then the storm broke, it absolutely rained down so hard, we managed to get some shelter before anybody else and watched as they all streamed in from the beach in various stages of dishevelment, quite amusing actually and we got a couple of pictures of the rain as it was so impressive. We made it back to the resort before it started again and that night the storm was immense. Luckily we had eaten in the restaurant before a succession of power cuts eventually resulting in no power for the rest of the day and night. The staff gave us a torch to find our way through the undergrowth to our hut. The thunder and lightning went on for hours and hours and in the end we went to sleep in the early hours but not before i was woken up by a movement in my sleeping bag and a massive bug flew out and I freaked out, i don't like the bloody things at the best of times but not in my bed. I jumped into Ang scaring her to death, flicked the light on and there it was on the fan, i tried to catch it but it evaded me and my sandal and scooted under the wall, git. Next day we managed to entertain ourselves for the majority of the day by sitting under the roof in the restaurant and watching another rainstorm take hold. We moved into the office area when it got really bad and read a bit before watching a film we downloaded, quite a chilled out day really. I went back to the room at one point to get the kindles to read and there was a movement and a blur in front of me and i just saw a tail go into the undergrowth by our cabin. When i looked over the balcony there was a massive lizard, I mean 4 feet long looking up at me with its forked tongue slipping in and out, what a sight. It was amazing and when I spoke to the owner he said oh yes its a monitor lizard they can grow up to 6 feet long, there are not so many of them as the Burmese people staying around there eat them, nice. That night Ang managed to sort out some live football on the computer so we watched the majority of Chelsea v arsenal and some of the next match although by then the streaming was becoming a problem. We were left in charge of the whole place then as the owner left about 6 o'clock and as there was only us there at the time, the rest of the staff left us and gave us the keys to the office and left a couple of beers in the fridge for us, just like being at home really. We went to bed again with the sound of thunder all around us but thankfully this time no bugs, or none that i knew of. Next day, our last full day here we took a walk along the road rather than the beach as we need to see how long it takes to get to the bus stop, it was really hot and took about 15 minutes, the bus is at 9.30 tomorrow so we will have to plan that. We then walked along the main road to where the German hotel and cash point were to get the cash we need to settle up. After that we sat on the beach by the hotel as they now had a guard to stop the likes of us nicking towels. We walked back along the beach to the resort and a load of Germans were making their way to our restaurant so i suppose it was payback for all of the times we invaded their land, all over again!!! Sat in the restaurant and watched the latest thunderstorm come and go and booked some accommodation in our next port of call, Surat Thani and Ko Samui, looking forward to the 5 hour bus ride tomorrow I think not....

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