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No, Cabela's


Red Light

I'm Happy

It's a Y

Giant Circle of Vases

Will This Fit In The RV?

Red Light Again

Think That's It?


The Handles

The Handles Inside

Imagine Working Here

Peggy and John

Stand Still

The first few days of our trip are about moving west. Sadly, we get on the Interstate. It is not very long before we are in West Virginia.

Our first planned stop is Zanesville, Ohio. Oops! John and I see an exit sign at the same time. Coming up is Cabela Drive. I guess we are making an unscheduled stop. John gets some much needed fishing “stuff” and we are on our way again.

We get off the interstate in Zanesville and cross the “Y-Bridge”. Zanesville is at the confluence of the Licking and Muskingum Rivers. Instead of building three bridges, they built a Y-Bridge” with a stop light in the middle. I have done my research. We find Putnam Hill Park with its overlook of the rivers and bridge.

Heading out of the park, we find parking for the Giant Circle of Vases. This area is known for its pottery.

Our luck now changes. We travel to Frazeysburg to see the World’s Largest Apple Basket at the Longaberger Homestead. I know there are no tours today but I thought I could at least take pictures of the basket. The gates are closed and I get only a glimpse of the handle. It is time for our next stop.

We head to Newark, Ohio to see the Longaberger Home Office. The office building is a seven-story basket. It dominates to landscape. I take pictures and walk inside. Wow. The center is completely open with a glass roof so you can see the handles. The receptionist is very pleasant and encourages me to take more pictures and revisit the homestead when they are open to take the tour.

We head to John and Peggy’s home in Sunbury. Peggy is riding. We visit for a while. Peggy has a few more barns to check on. John H takes my John fishing! Our plans are to go out to dinner later.

It is another good day. The only down side of the day is the number of tissues we are going through. After all, it is spring!

Campground: John & Peggy

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