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Another beautiful day. The weather has been superb. On our way by 6am again. Trucks everywhere. Cannot believe the amount of trucks on the road. Quite a bit of road works. Can wait for 15 – 20 minutes before our turn comes but then we can travel 10 kms or more before facing any on coming traffic.

Some stops split the trucks and cars – letting the cars go first. Others just let everyone queue. That can mean there are up to a couple of dozen trucks in front that we have to work our way through.

The trucks never seem to travel at more than 100 kms/hour and are very good at pulling over to let us pass. Still it is a bit of a juggle. (Or at times like a waltz with everyone weaving in and out).

Many working on the roadside – the usual employees waving the red warning flags. The finished road will be amazing. Very few corners, we seem to travel for miles and miles on a dead straight road. Bit like driving in the Territory three times over with 100 times the traffic.

Because of the hold ups sometimes we can meet a convoy of over 30 trucks.

The landscape is quite dry and very rocky – in the distance we can see ranges (much like the McDonald Ranges outside of Alice Springs – a lovely shade of purple).

Sheep, goats and Ostriches are grazing – lots of windmills - we pass townships with hundreds of small houses – a front door and a couple of windows – guess would only be a couple of rooms – very crowded.

There is an ever present police force – cameras all the time – must take up a huge amount of manpower.

We finally arrive Matjiesfontein – this place was recommended by our last host at Bloemfontein.

Consists of one street with the most amazing old English style buildings. Haven’t read up on the history yet. The Lord Milner Hotel is quite something – we are staying in a separate building – very old – although we do dine at the original hotel. Even the railway station is quaint. Cannot believe this little oasis of civilisation has suddenly popped up in the middle of nothing.

Once again our hosts have been most helpful – have the utmost praise for all the people who have helped us along our journey.

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